Ports propose CO2 storage project

pollution The CO2TransPorts aims to collect, transport and store 10m tonnes of CO2 in the North Sea. Credit: Pixabay

The Port of Rotterdam, Port of Antwerp and North Sea Port have applied to the European Commission for a project to collect, transport and store 10m tonnes of CO2 in the North Sea.

Phase one of the CO2TransPorts project is focused on the development of CO2 transport and storage infrastructure at the Port of Rotterdam. This involves the development of an onshore pipeline through the Port of Rotterdam, a compressor station, and an offshore pipeline to access the P18 gas fields for CO2 storage. The project requires CO2 pipeline infrastructure to be established between the ports.

In phase two, a cross border CO2 pipeline will link the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. A CO2 network in the Port of Rotterdam is due to be established by 2026. A CO2 pipeline collection network will then be developed in Antwerp and North Sea Port. Through an interconnection between North Sea Port and Port of Antwerp, the CO2 sources in the south will be connected to Rotterdam. This infrastructure provides access to CO2 storage sites in the North Sea for Dutch and Belgian sources; however, to achieve this, additional offshore pipelines must be developed. This is currently in feasibility stage.

In phases one and two will CO2 transport infrastructure will be provided for up to 10 MtCO2/year. However, existing studies indicate that extra capacity may be needed. This will be investigated in phase three, anticipated to start in 2030.

As part of phase three, the realisation of which is expected from 2030, the CO2TransPorts consortium has identified that under certain, reliable economic and regulatory conditions, the total CO2 transport demand from the three regions may exceed the maximum design capacity of phases one and two of 10 Mt/year.

Furthermore, demand for CO2 transport may arise from third-party countries needing access to offshore storage sites. To prepare the necessary capacity (pipelines and storage), this will start with a pre-feasibility study. The results will be input for decisions on pipeline dimensioning and storage capacity within phases one and two.


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