Tug heat recycling system awarded

Kotug's Heat Recycling System aims to make a tugboat operation more energy efficient Kotug's Heat Recycling System aims to make a tugboat operation more energy efficient
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An environmentally friendly zero-emissions heat recycling system on Kotug tugboats has won a prestigious award.

The zero-emissions heat recycling system, which uses Phase Change Material (PCM) technology, won the Maritime Innovation Award 2017 at the annual Maritime Award Gala.

“We see beauty in solutions that combine the golden triangle of state-of-the-art technology, sustainability and cost reductions. This innovation is an answer to market demand as well as environmental requirements and actually reduces costs as well,” said Ard-Jan Kooren, CEO of Kotug International.

Energy efficient

The Heat Recycling System can make a tugboat operation more energy efficient and this therefore can have a knock-on effect in the areas that it operates.

A tugboat produces heat during operation and it requires energy during stand-by periods for climate control and keeping its engines warm. Kotug has developed a way to re-cycle the cool water heat from the main engines and store the heat in a smart latent heat buffer. It is usually derived from electrical shore power at a considerable cost.

Kotug’s system has been installed on the ZP Bison operated by Smit Towage. So far, it has reduced shore power consumption by 50%, thus cutting CO2 emissions by half.

This is approximately 50.000kWhr less on the meter every year, a major achievement with regards to the reduction of operational cost and emissions reduction.

The goal of the Maritime Award is to raise awareness of the innovative power generated and radiated by the maritime and offshore supply industry.



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