Duisburg roadtests Liebherr reachstackers

The Duisburg Intermodal Terminal has complimented the Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545 both for its design and efficiency The Duisburg Intermodal Terminal has complimented the Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545 both for its design and efficiency

The Duisburg Intermodal Terminal (DIT) has been testing the Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545 as part of its fleet for both its design and efficiency.

Results have been positive, both because of the advantageous design traits reported back by the operators and also as a result of the much lower fuel consumption in comparison to comparable models.

Equipment testing

Currently, the Duisburg Intermodal Terminal is operating ten reachstackers from various manufacturers in a three-shift-operation, said Bernd Putens from DIT.

Since summer 2017, the terminal has also been trialling the Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545, which the drivers have commended both for its excellent visibility and its high manoeuvrability, despite having a wheelbase of 6.5 metres.

The reachstacker also has a hydrostatic drive that enables the omission of wear-intensive parts such as the gear or the cardan shaft.

Because the reachstacker is equipped with a 230kW diesel engine (Stage IV / Tier 4 final), if required, it is also possible to additionally install a hybrid system (Pactronic) with a capacity of 110 kW.

It is equipped with LED luminaires for uniform illumination even in difficult lighting conditions as standard.

Responsible handling

Contargo GmbH & Co KG and its parent company the Rhenus SE & Co. KG, said they are especially focusing on environmentally compatible and resource-saving work practices.

By opting for a more fuel-efficient Liebherr Reachstacker, DIT said it is one of the pioneers when it comes to sustainability within the Contargo group.

Because fuel consumption of the new LRS 545 ranges around 16 litres per operation hour under the prevailing circumstances, fuel savings of up to 8 to 9 litres can be achieved.


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