Intermodal Solutions group trading as Pit To Ship Solutions

ISG Pit To Ship solutions provides a dust free solution for moving your product from the mine site into the ship’s hull by using specially designed bulk mining containers and

The containers are loaded at the mine site using a front end loader and then moved by either road or rail to the port.

The containers have a patented lid design and the product is sealed at the mine site so no dust in and no dust out. The containers are also used as a storage shed saving on expensive labour intensive storage sheds.

When the ship arrives the containers are moved around to the key side for loading. A container tippler is attached to either an overhead crane, mobile harbour crane or a ship’s crane then the containers are lifted into the ship’s hull.

The containers lid is removed automatically using the patented lid lifter design and the containers are turned 360deg and unloaded. Depending on the product a water misting system can be used to suppress any dust.

The containers are then returned to the mine site where this process is started again.

This process can be used for concentrates including copper, mineral sands, iron ore, coal to name a few.

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