The innovative solution to port congestion

FREBS Marine International has designed the Universal Cargo System, which will solve the issues of port congestion and significantly shorten the supply chain.

The Universal Cargo System FREBS MaxiShip is semi-submersible and allows the barges to float on and off while anchored offshore.

The main feature is self-powered autonomous barges, which can be loaded with standard containers or bulk cargoes or a mix of each.

The MaxiShip does not need to berth at a conventional dock but can anchor offshore in deeper waters while its barges can motor to the dock side to discharge and re-load cargo.

The FREBS barges are ideal for access to smaller ports, rivers and docks using quayside or floating cranes.

The Universal Cargo System streamlines the handling of each container & can produce considerable savings in transit and in-port time times at lower costs.

The plan is for each major shipping line to invest in the Universal Cargo System consequently avoiding the building of bigger ships and massive docks.

The major port operators can adapt and/or reduce their expansion facilities to match the huge economies achievable from utilising the Universal Cargo System.

Using the UCS the cargo shipping industry will be able to manage the inevitable growth in worldwide sea trade over the next decade…and longer.


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