NE Diesel Collaborative

The Northeast Diesel Collaborative (NEDC) is a regionally coordinated initiative to reduce diesel emissions, improve public health, and promote clean diesel and other low-emission technologies.

The Collaborative brings together the collective resources and expertise of several state environmental agencies, EPA Regions 1 & 2, private sector companies and other stakeholders to address the existing fleet of diesel-powered vehicles and equipment. Through innovative voluntary projects, the Collaborative and its partners target sources contributing to diesel emissions in the eight Northeast states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Two of NEDC’s most active initiative areas are the Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup and the Northeast Clean Freight Corridors Workgroup. The Ports and Goods Movement Workgroup is a diverse public/private collaborative that meets bimonthly via conference call to learn about, discuss and promote effective and efficient strategies for reducing emissions and increasing sustainability for ports. The Clean Freight Corridors Workgroup promotes effective coordination across Northeastern states to plan for and develop clean, multi-modal freight corridors to advance high-efficiency, low-emission transportation technologies for fleets and facilities.