Ports America - Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor - Ports America is the largest United States terminal operator and stevedore, with operations in more than 42 ports and 80 locations. One major port location is Baltimore,

Ports America Chesapeake is uniquely positioned to provide cargo handling expertise for Baltimore’s diverse cargo mix, including container, RoRo, breakbulk and project cargo as well as the intermodal facility.

Ports America Chesapeake is the sole operator of Seagirt Marine Terminal, the Maryland Port Administration’s primary container facility. This public–private partnership has been recognized as one of the first and most successful 3Ps in the container terminal industry.

The honored distinction as Baltimore’s largest terminal operator comes with great responsibility. Safety and sustainability are core values of Ports America Chesapeake.  The company understands the health and value of the environment and surrounding Chesapeake Bay eco-system in which we operate. From our equipment to our implemented best-practice policies, limiting our impact on the environment is always our priority. As sustainability is engrained in our daily practices, so is safety. Our SAFE PORTS safety program is fundamental to every Ports America operation and has proven to be class leading with record low Loss-Time Incidents through several years