Luoyang Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd

Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. (China) (referred to as TCK.W) possesses the world's most advanced nondestructive testing technology. Its TCK.W automatic real-time online wire rope inspection system has recently

The TCK.W system will completely change the old traditional ways of periodic human visual inspection of wire ropes, and usher in the future trend of non-stop continuously monitoring the wire ropes during operation to raise the safety level to its highest state. At present, this product is widely applied in petroleum, ports, mines, cableways and other industries.
The core mission of TCK.W is to eliminate major life and asset threatening hazards in wire rope applications and raise the safety level to its highest level with machine automation.
The responsibility of TCK.W is to completely eliminate three major threats in the operation of wire ropes: namely hidden dangers, wastage, and inefficiency, hereby achieve safety, economy, and high return on investment.

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