Round up of day one in Baltimore

Following the Lieutenant Governor and Mr Fitzgerald, sustainability, resilience and cooperation were highlighted as key themes on day one.

Sessions covered the broader climate change issues and the keys that ports operators and sector players can play in improving the resilience to environmental challenges. Next delegates were given insight into the whole supply chain, and how each stage is playing its part, working together and ensuring that sustainability is at the forefront of their operations.

GreenPort Congress America Gold Sponsor Ports America Chesapeake highlighted how improving environmental efficiency was also helping push profitability.

In the daily round up Dr Chris Wooldridge discussed key themes from the day and talked about the role that those attending GreenPort Congress America have at taking the lead and to use the opportunity as a mechanism for change.

Day one concluded with delegates sharing further knowledge at the Gala Dinner which offered local Maryland delicacies.

Full conference proceedings will be available to download soon after the conclusion of the conference