GreenPort Congress America Call for Papers

06.01.17 06.01.17

2018 GreenPort Congress America has developed from a close partnership between the Port of Baltimore and Mercator Media Limited addressing the emerging challenges and issues Ports are having to deal with on a day-to-day to put process and plans in place.

“Call for Papers” have been released for the GreenPort Congress America hosted by the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore and the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)  which will take place on16to 18May 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Centre.

To be considered for the programme please submit an abstract synopsis together with a biography and photograph. Register your interest as soon as possible and let us have your submissions for the GreenPort Congress America promptly so that we ensure we have a dynamic thought provoking inspirational Conference in America.

We structure our programmes so that they are interesting, interactive and challenging. The theme for 2018 Greenport Congress is 'GreenPorts are Smart Ports' also covering the cruise market. The topics covered in on our 2018 interactive programme are:

  • Smart Ports: The integration of emerging technologies into ports, climate adaptation, sustainability - from automation to fiscal policy.
  • Challenges of Inter-modal Connections and Productivity: green infrastructure, logistical issues, operational efficiencies, impacts on communities.
  • Community Engagement: social license to operate, job creation, protecting public health, and investment in communities.
  • The Green Initiatives: technologies to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts for air, water & land.
  • Land Redevelopment: master planning, contaminated properties and transport matters.
  • Managing Dredge Materials: beneficial reuse and restoration, innovative uses and government consortia for research with industry stakeholders.
  • Future of the Commercial Vessels: what to expect in 2030/40, treatment systems for ballast water, benefits of hull cleaning, ship to shore power and types of fuels in the future.

GreenPort Cruise 2018

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Cruise Ports – Congestion, infrastructure, managing waste and reducing ship emissions.
  • Cruise Ships & Terminals- Innovation, technologies, design, environmental and social impacts.

Preference will be given to abstracts from ports and terminals able to present case studies on good practice, and where for example an impact has been made to lower noise/emissions/improve air quality/ relieve congestion/reduce energy consumption. Suppliers of equipment to achieve the above are also invited to submit abstracts and case studies, particularly in conjunction with testimonials from ports.

Our programmes include inspirational welcome and keynote addresses at the beginning of each session as well as the exceptional quality of the presentations from our speakers.

The deadline to submit a paper for the 2018 Greenport Conference is Friday 6th October. For further information contact the Victoria Weston, on +44 1329 825335 or email