Delegate experience enhanced by final day technical visits

By land and sea, GreenPort Congress America attendees saw the environmental achievements and operations of Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore to close out their conference experience.

On the landside tour, those who took to the bus saw the operations of the Port of Baltimore including the ‘Algae Eater’ which was a focus of a presentation on day 2 and a key environmental aspect being worked on by the port. Those attending the waterside tour took to the waters on-board the Mary Lynn, accompanied by two excellent guides who provided a dynamic insight to many of the conference themes put into practice by Port of Baltimore.

The Poplar Island tour also took delegates to the waters, providing a great look at how the local and state government have reclaimed disused and contaminated land, enhanced with dredged material from the port. The tour showed the enhancements and wildlife sanctuary, which is home to over 175 species. Aspects which were discussed in sessions 3, 4 and 8.1 of the conference were able to be viewed first hand.

The final tour was a demonstration of the Mr Trashwheel used in the Baltimore Inner Harbor to aid keeping the waters clean. This tour included a hands-on operation of the revolutionary Ranmarine Technology, WasteShark unmanned surface vehicle. In its North American debut, WaterShark showed delegates the future of litter picking in harbours. These practical applications were discussed during session 7.1 on day two of the conference.

The tours were a perfect finish to the two days of presentations and gave first hand insight to some of the topics discussed at GreenPort Congress America.

Delegates will receive a log-in to access this invaluable information by Friday 1st June, which can be found here. Unable to attend in Baltimore? Papers and presentations will be available to purchase here by Friday 1st June.