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Traffic Management for Ports

Efficient, Secure and Connected.

Since more than 90% of trade is carried by sea, ports have an important role in international logistics so that requirements on capacity and expectations for more advanced services are continuously growing. A port's ability to reduce delays, control and secure cargo and connect to the environmental infrastructure is key to meet customer requirements and enhance supply chain efficiency. Our experience and competence in the traffic industry will ensure a better logistical flow while not compromising any of the strict security requirements.

SWARCO port solutions provide customers, suppliers and stakeholders with reliable equipment and required data and empower operators to manage more vessels and traffic as effectively as possible, to utilize security for people and trailers, to keep track of where the vehicles and goods are at any given time and the possibility to notify internal and external partners about the location.

Improve traffic guidance, logistical flow and handling convenience

Support automation for your Roll-on-Roll-off terminals

Provide real-time data of trailers

Reduce unjustified damage claims

Consulting, Planning, Installation, Service and Maintenance.

We offer a wide range of services to help you with your projects. Rely on us for an entire project or just a part of it and we are happy to take over service and maintenance.