AMRO– A Focus On Reducing Environmental Impacts In The Marine Environment

AMRO, a specialist marine equipment and services provider operating out of the GCC, has recently engaged with DualDocker to provide technically advanced & environmentally friendly mooring solutions for floating platforms, homes, offices, restaurants and jetties in the GCC region

The demand for beach front property is increasing and with that comes potentially greater environmental impact. Existing conventional mooring solutions such as piling, blocks & chain and elastic moorings require direct contact and embedment into the seabed, potentially harming or destroying existing marine environments, both by its application and the disturbance caused by diving operations, vessel operations and geotechnical investigations.

Dualdocker is an Anodised Aluminium based ‘shock absorbing’ mooring solution that not only provides unbeatable stability, zero play, dampening and reduction of retention forces by up to 90%; but also zero impact on the underwater environment due to its design and application.

The DualDocker solution provides the end user with unrivalled comfort in their floating home and peace of mind due to the zero environmental marine impact, allowing them to fully enjoy their home and their water garden!

AMRO has proudly added DualDocker to its tally of environmentally friendly marine solutions which currently include marine solar LED lights and eco-friendly & recyclable marine buoys.

For more information or bespoke DualDocker solutions you can contact AMRO direct at or visit the website

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