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Middle East

Cleaning up the neighbourhood
Volunteers from SOHAR port and Freezone have joined together with school and college students to clean-up the local Harmoul Beach. 15 Dec 2015 - GreenPort
Green recognition for Drydocks World
Drydocks World and Maritime World have won a prestigious national award for its “Zero Harm” initiative which aims towards creating zero environmental and health harm. 05 Mar 2015 - GreenPort
Sohar launches environmental programme
Oman’s Sohar Port and Freezone has launched its first environmental management programme in conjunction with the Ministry of Climate Affairs. 23 Sep 2014 - GreenPort
Emerging from fire
It used to be thought that environmental concerns were simply issues for the mature, established economies. Now there’s an awareness that developing ports will also be growing their own set of environmental challenges that could suck the blood from their future – unless dealt with early, writes Stevie Knight, GreenPort Contributor. 02 Sep 2014 - GreenPort
Reducing GHG: Life Cycle Assessment
The phenomenon of a continuous industrial development, which slowly but surely destroys our environment is particularly noticeable in the maritime industry all over the world, where ports represent the gates for the stream of economical growth, says Mansoureh Hasanzadeh from the Coastal Engineering Department, Iran Ports & Maritime Organization (PMO). 26 Aug 2014 - GreenPort
Eco Wave Power awarded for innovation
Israel’s Eco Wave Power (EWP) has won an innovation award after competing against 60 other young stat-up companies as part of the ‘WOW’ competition. 28 May 2014 - GreenPort
UAE’s ‘first’ bulk and container railway terminal
Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Etihad Rail to plan an integrated bulk and container railway terminal facility at Khalifa Port. 06 Mar 2014 - GreenPort
The importance of wind farms while developing green ports
The current development of ports and the rate of international product transmission entail huge pressure on ports' operations. Certain maritime activities such as the reception and export of goods and the common performance and maintenance operations at ports are considered as the most power consuming in the industry, says Mansoureh Hasanzadeh from the Coastal Engineering Department at the Iran Ports & Maritime Organisation. 22 Oct 2013 - GreenPort
Environmental Site Selection Studies for Oil Terminals
Oil jetties are gates of commerce among different nations. However, they have been identified as old threats for the port environment due to their different potentialities for causing coastal pollution and risk. Mansoureh Hasanzadeh from the Iran Ports & Maritime Organization, and Emran Moradpour Tayebi, MSc student at the University of Hormozgan explain the risks and impacts of oil terminals in the Persian Gulf region. 30 Apr 2013 - GreenPort
Rolls-Royce and Drydocks develop LNG tugs
Rolls-Royce is to provide power and propulsion systems for LNG powered tugs being designed by Drydocks World Dubai for the Middle East market. 12 Apr 2013 - GreenPort
Transas delivers VTS expertise to Aqaba
Global marine IT expert, Transas Marine, has completed a stand alone AIS-based VTS installation at the Port of Aqaba under the auspices of the EU-funded SafeMed II Project . 06 Feb 2013 - GreenPort
New green initiatives in the UAE
Drydocks World and Maritime World have been implementing new environmentally friendly technologies and has a recertification to ISO 14001 standard by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). 15 May 2012 - GreenPort
Divers clean up Abu Dhabi ports
Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) is demonstrating its commitment to protecting the marine environment - its just completed a two day diving campaign to clean up the seabeds of the Emirate’s ports and marinas. 02 May 2012 - GreenPort
Environmental survey in the Middle East
Emapsite, global specialist in GIS and environmental monitoring, has expanded its operations in the Middle East with the opening of a second office in Saudi Arabia. 10 Apr 2012 - GreenPort
DP World wins sustainability award
DP World has won the prestigious Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST) for its work in helping to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. 21 Feb 2012 - GreenPort
Abu Dhabi CEDA-IADC dredging training
Environmental Aspects of Dredging, jointly developed and presented by the Central Dredging Association (CEDA) and the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC), has taken place in Abu Dhabi. 17 Jan 2012 - GreenPort
ADPC awarded for sustainability
Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) has gained recognition for protecting the environment in which it operates - by winning three environmental awards in the past week. 21 Nov 2011 - GreenPort
Gangavaram port to grow
India's deep, multi- purpose port at Gangavaram will be expanded with an investment of Rs9.40bil. 17 May 2011 - GreenPort
Dusty cargo, a headache to Chennai port
Chennai port has been ordered to stop handling polluting coal and iron ore. 15 May 2011 - GreenPort
Record for KCT & SCT
Gulftainer's UAE container terminals Khorfakkan Container Terminal (KCT) and Sharjah Container Terminal (SCT) have experienced significant growth of around 10% per annum for the last two years. 13 May 2011 - GreenPort