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Tariffs held in anticipation of more LNG calls
The Port of Gothenburg has held the cost of its port tariffs for the third year running anticipating a rise in LNG calls. 23 Oct 2017 - GreenPort
Statoil selects Gas4Sea for Rotterdam bunkering
Statoil will service four crude shuttle tankers at Rotterdam operated by ENGIE, Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK. 18 Oct 2017 - GreenPort
Indian terminal to boost natural gas production
A new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal will help boost India’s share of natural gas. 09 Oct 2017 - GreenPort
LNG car carriers to set sail in 2019
Two ships will be among the first LNG-fuelled car carriers when they enter service in 2019. 09 Oct 2017 - GreenPort
Finnish LNG terminal to ease distribution
A liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal will connect to the Finnish gas grid and be accessible to major harbours. 05 Oct 2017 - GreenPort
Increase in LNG vessels drives bunker demand
Skangas has bunkered LNG using its new bunker vessel Coralius to a tanker at the Port of Gothenburg for the first time. 05 Oct 2017 - GreenPort
USD$500m investment in Indian LNG terminals
Essar Ports will begin investing around USD$500m in two liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in India within 18 months. 27 Sep 2017 - GreenPort
US west coast incentivises natural gas vehicles
The California state legislature has passed a landmark series of bills that will provide US$895 million towards incentive programmes to reduce air pollution from vehicles. 27 Sep 2017 - GreenPort
Commercial LNG bunkering kicks off in Singapore
The first commercial LNG bunker transfer in Singapore has taken place with the completion of truck-to-ship bunkering for a Floating Liquefaction (FLNG) vessel. 27 Sep 2017 - GreenPort
Dual fuel carrier drives shore power technology
A duel-fuel car and truck carrier believed to be the first of its kind is helping drive shore power technology. 15 Sep 2017 - GreenPort
Pakistan’s first LNG terminal lowers energy costs
Pakistan’s first Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) terminal is providing a lower cost sustainable source of energy. 13 Sep 2017 - GreenPort
LNG bunker barge will offer fuelling flexibility
A new LNG bunker barge will provide more flexibility to bunker LNG-fuelled ships in Europe. 12 Sep 2017 - GreenPort
Study promotes LNG bunkering in Asia
A study on LNG bunkering for car carriers plying between Japan and Singapore will promote LNG bunkering in Asia. 30 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
Bunkering to begin at Florida port in 2018
Bunkering operations will commence at Port of Jacksonville in early 2018 to meet customer demand. 30 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
First UK LNG ship bunkering opens up market
An LNG ship has been bunkered in the UK for the first time enabling the nation worldwide refuelling opportunities. 29 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
Bunkering rules need better enforcement
Bunkering regulations in Singapore need to be better enforced to maintain the country’s reputation as a leading bunkering port. 21 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
Rotterdam terminal commits to LNG trucks
One Rotterdam terminal has committed to use LNG to help clean up most of its operations including trucks. 16 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
Port looks to LNG to increase business
LNG vessels may soon be able to refuel at the Port of Ferrol with new infrastructure planned to attract more business. 16 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
LNG terminal saves jobs at UK port
LNG operations are helping to keep hundreds of people employed at the UK's Port of Milford Haven. 08 Aug 2017 - GreenPort
Irish LNG terminal will attract more cruise
A floating storage and regasification unit and LNG import terminal aim to bring cruise vessels to Cork. 03 Aug 2017 - GreenPort