Deal won by both technology and support

Eight of Cargotec’s Kalmar DRF100-54S6 models are destined for Hamburg’s container terminals Eight of Cargotec’s Kalmar DRF100-54S6 models are destined for Hamburg’s container terminals
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Eight low emission Kalmar reachstackers are going to Hamburger Container-und-Chassis-Reparatur GmbH (HCCR), but the order was won by the support agreement as well as the technology.

Hamburg-based HCCR - a subsidiary of HHLA and the largest empty container handling operation in Germany – will deploy the units across Hamburg’s container terminals. The investment includes eight of Cargotec’s Kalmar DRF100-54S6 models (part of a twelve machine deal) plus Kalmar DCF100-45E7 empty container handlers and one Kalmar forklift, DCF200-12CS.

Meeting the demand for reaching low emission levels, all Kalmar reachstacker models are fitted with the latest EU Stage IIIB / EPA Tier 4i emissions compliant Volvo diesel engines, with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. These engines are optimised for efficient combustion, which provides the fuel efficiency and low particulate emission benefits. To combat the resultant NOx emissions, AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas and AdBlue then enter a catalytic converter, which turns the NOx into harmless Nitrogen gas and water vapour.

Working in close co-operation with HCCR, Cargotec will also provide service support to all 12 machines which are scheduled for delivery in the third quarter of 2012.

Mikael Persson, vice president, Reachstackers and Empty Container Handlers at Cargotec said that “the total solution” was of importance to HCCR, and beyond the machines’ performance and meeting of environmental legislation, Cargotec’s “ongoing support” helped swing the deal.


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