Solar powered ferry terminal

09 Mar 2017
SCC’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal will be converted to solar power

SCC’s Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal will be converted to solar power

Singapore Cruise Centre (SCC) is partnering with Sunseap Group to convert the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to solar power.

The two companies have agreed on a solar power deal that will see Sunseap provide the equipment and install the 650kW peak solar panel system.

Christina Siaw, CEO of SCC, said: “The deal with Sunseap will allow us to tap solar power but still be assured of stability of energy supply to keep our terminal running smoothly.”

She added: “At the same time, we are reducing our carbon footprint and achieving savings on our electricity bills.”

The system will be fitted onto the roof of the terminal and it said to be able to supply the terminal with a third of its daily energy needs.

This move to a more environmental source of energy is in line with Singapore’s efforts to cut its carbon emissions. The city recently announced that it is set to implement a carbon tax on large-scale emitters from 2017.

Frank Phuan, co-founder and director of Sunseap Group, said: “Sunseap is always looking for ways to make the adoption of clean energy a smooth transition for our clients. The hybrid offer gives us more flexibility to devise an attractive offer for our clients.”

The solar terminal is expected to be fully operational by June 2017.