Electric powered shuttle carrier pilot project

The Kalmar FastCharge solution has zero NOX and CO2 emissions and lower noise emissions The Kalmar FastCharge solution has zero NOX and CO2 emissions and lower noise emissions
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Kalmar and DP World London Gateway are to pilot a fast charging shuttle carrier solution to help reduce emissions.

The fully electric powered Kalmar FastCharge(TM) Shuttle Carrier will begin operations during the first quarter of 2018 for a period of six to 12 months.

“DP World London Gateway's sustainability strategy is at the heart of our business. We want this project to be successful,” said Andrew Bowen, Head of Technical, Engineering and IT, DP World London Gateway.

“It offers great opportunity to reduce carbon emissions around the port which will be of benefit to our team, our neighbours, the local environment and, perhaps most significantly, to our customers, by helping to reduce their overall supply chain carbon footprint."

The Kalmar FastCharge solution has zero NOX and CO2 emissions at the point of use as well as lower noise emissions. This pilot use of the fully electric shuttle carrier will ascertain the suitability of a fully electric solution for the port's operation in the future.

For Kalmar, the pilot is a key milestone in developing the FastCharge technology.

The Kalmar FastCharge solution is based on the same opportunity charging technology that is used in electric buses. Charging happens during the idle time in the machine working cycle, when the shuttle is stationary waiting for its next container job.

Mr Bowen said that DP World London Gateway is committed to minimising environmental impact through its sustainability programme and Planet Mark certification. The port is already utilising a fleet of Kalmar hybrid-electric shuttle carriers which reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%.


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