London port switches its attention to air quality

Port of London Authority is on a mission to clean up the Thames Port of London Authority is on a mission to clean up the Thames

With the concern over air quality issue in cities and public health rising, the Port of London Authority (PLA) in the UK is working to develop a new air quality strategy for the Thames.

PLA has just published a document which sets out the main areas of the air quality research programme which includes shore side power feasibility, emissions monitoring and an emissions inventory.

The port authority is to undertake a shore side power feasibility assessment which will consider the feasibility and environmental benefits of installation of shore power at specific sites along the Thames.

It will also work to gather data on typical regular river borne journeys of passengers and cargo and compare this data with the same journey if it was made through London’s road network.

Also forming part of the research is work on a new emissions inventory with the aim of creating the first port wide air inventory for the Thames.

In order to undertake the research, PLA is working with various stakeholders including the Mayor of London and Transport for London. It is also calling upon the expertise of commercial operators working on and around the Thames including Cory Riverside Energy, Thames Shipping and MBNA Thames Clippers.

The PLA’s air quality strategy development work is complemented by the UK’s first port charges discount for cleaner cargo ships which was introduced earlier this year.

Current figures suggest that since the discount was launched on 1 January, more than 20 visiting ships a month have qualified for the lower charges.

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