Siwertell coal unloader for Itaqui

22 Nov 2009
A Siwertell coal unloader

A Siwertell coal unloader

A Siwertell coal unloader ordered to discharge coal in Porto do Itaqui, Brazil, offers environmental, technical, and efficiency benefits.

In July, Cargotec secured an order for a Siwertell 790-D screw type, continuous ship unloader from UTE Porto do Itaqui Geracão de Energia SA, Brazil. The unloader is guaranteed to have a rated capacity of 1,000 tph and to be able to unload ships of between 30,000 dwt and 100,000 dwt part loaded. As well as the ship unloader for handling coal, the contract includes spare parts, supervision of installation, commissioning, start-up, testing, and training. The unloader will be assembled in Porto do Itaqui, and is expected to start operation at the end of 2010. “The customer chose Siwertell equipment for three main reasons: environmental, technical, and capacity,” says Jonas Fack, sales director for bulk terminals. “Firstly, the environmental benefits are that it doesn’t allow spillages or dust to escape. Secondly, the unloader’s low machine weight and low wheel loads are technical advantages because the existing jetty has a limited load capacity. Thirdly, the high capacity of the equipment means that it is highly efficient, which produces cost savings.”

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