PEMA calls for “more cross-industry dialogue”

Holistic thinking: PEMA wants ports and shippers to establish an open dialogue to tackle challenges holistically Holistic thinking: PEMA wants ports and shippers to establish an open dialogue to tackle challenges holistically
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Members of the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association (PEMA) are calling for cross-industry dialogue to address supply chain challenges such as container vessel size and shipping alliances.

“To function more effectively, port equipment manufacturers, ports and shippers need to establish an open dialogue in which challenges are tackled holistically,” said Ottonel Popesco, PEMA President.

During the association’s annual general meeting, held at County Hall in central London UK, leading figures from the global ports and terminals sector discussed the state of the industry and identified a number of challenges it’s facing.

Speakers urged the container shipping industry to reflect on optimal ship size and customer expectations regarding delivery times, with the aim of strengthening the supply chain.

Delegates heard that while the advent of ultra large container vessels has brought operational efficiencies for shipping lines, such vessels were introduced without full consideration of the consequences for ports and terminals in terms of manpower, port equipment and the impact on local road and rail infrastructure.

Several speakers also outlined the challenges ports face when large container vessels arrive, creating severe peaks and troughs in port activity.

Separately, the PEMA AGM saw Ottonel Popesco of Cavotec, Mika Mahlberg from Konecranes and Jens Koerting of Hyster-Yale re-elected as PEMA president, vice president and treasurer respectively. Maurizio Bragagni of Trato was promoted to second vice president and Michael Eckle of Conductix Wampler and Achim Dries of Vahle were elected to the PEMA Board.

Bedeschi, the bulk handling equipment manufacturer, has been announced as PEMA’s newest member.


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