Zero emissions ferry provides fast service

Air Supported Vessel Airiel uses 2 x 280kW for propulsion and approximately 40 – 50 kW for its lift fan system

A zero-emissions, economical test commuter ferry with a cruise speed of 25 knots plus is ready for operation.

The 20m x 6m 60 – 80 PAX Air Supported Vessel (ASV) will consume approximately 21kWh of energy.

Effect Ships International AS (ESI), which developed the vessel, said: “Our BB GREEN / Green Fast Ferry ASV concept is a proper Plug In, battery electric ferry; … and not a more or less 'environmental friendly' hybrid of some kind, where diesel still play an active role.”

400 kWh battery pack

Airiel uses 2 x 280kW for propulsion and approximately 40 – 50 kW for its lift fan system.

It is equipped with a battery pack of 400 kWh, which takes 15 – 20 minutes to recharge using a supercharger from Echandia, (ESI’s system integrator).

ESI stated that compared with a conventional diesel ferry, the local + global emissions when one small 60-80 PAX ASV ferry is used results in an emission saving per year equivalent to more than 500 mid-size diesel vessels covering 20,000km each year with a fuel consumption of 0.8 litre/10km.

Diab carbon Divinycell

The vessel was built entirely from a Diab carbon Divinycell sandwich at Latitude Yachts in Riga. The drive lines feature electric pod propulsion from Volvo Penta and it uses Leclanche lithium titianate oxide battery chemistry.

To operate, the ferry requires access to sufficient shore power, and a suitable pontoon / ramp for embarkation/disembarkation. The pontoon can also contain the battery charger.

It incorporates the use of pressurized air, captured in a hull integrated cavity underneath the vessel, to support up to 80% of the operational weight.

The vessel is supported by EU projects BB GREEN and Green Fast Ferries and several maritime companies.


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