Volvo engines for Kalmar

17 Mar 2017
Stage V: Kalmar has chosen Volvo Penta engines for its new European port equipment

Stage V: Kalmar has chosen Volvo Penta engines for its new European port equipment

Kalmar has chosen Volvo Penta to supply Stage V solutions for its new European port equipment models.

New emissions regulations are scheduled to come into force in the European Union (EU) in 2019, and Kalmar is one OEM which is planning ahead with how to make changes to its production lines.

In addition to low emissions levels to comply with forthcoming EU Stage V regulations, Kalmar requires reliable high-performance engines and solutions that produce peak torque at low rpm, immediate load acceptance, excellent uptime, good fuel economy and low noise.

“Stage V is a challenge for manufacturers. With previous emissions levels, Europe and the US have stayed more or less the same, so it’s going to be quite an effort to make the change,” said Drew Heisel, director of global powertrain sourcing at Kalmar.

“Transition rules will be very stringent this time and there’s a shorter period of time for engine resourcing, but we’ve worked through the different combinations together with Volvo Penta.”

Kalmar has been one of Volvo Penta’s biggest off-road industrial OEM customers for many years, and has purchased diesel engines for its manufacturing bases in Europe, the US, and China.

The Stage V solutions will be installed in new models Kalmar’s existing mobile equipment including reach-stackers, empty container handlers, forklift trucks and terminal tractors and testing will take place throughout 2017.

EU Stage V regulations are set to apply to a wider power range of off-road diesel engines than Stage IV/Tier 4 Final and further limit the overall mass of particle emissions as well as the number of particles emitted.