Samskip launches carbon calculator

carbon footprint calculator The calculator can demonstrate how changing specifications can influence the total carbon footprint
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Logistics specialist Samskip has launched an online carbon footprint calculator which helps users determine the carbon footprint of a specific unit load.

The app is designed to determine the CO2 footprint of any multimodal load moving within Samskip’s network to acquire the equivalent carbon offsets against a conventional road move.

Accounting for every step from pick-up to delivery, routing and mode of transport, the calculator can provide clients with an understanding of the carbon footprint of their transport and demonstrate how changing specifications can influence the total carbon footprint.

It can also be used in environmental reporting to identify ‘carbon hotspots’ in a transportation supply chain.

Calculations currently use a single transit leg, using a container that is 45 feet wide in pallets (equal to 2.25 TEU, with a payload of 15 tonnes) as its base load for comparison. However, Netherlands-headquartered Samskip intends to add other equipment types and multimodal transport scenarios.

The app is based on the CE Delft ‘STREAM International’ study, which uses recognized CO2 calculation methods. This study contains an overview of vehicle-specific emissions in several market segments in the international freight transport; measured by tonne per km.