First fully electric medium-range forklift

04 Oct 2017
Kalmar has launched a 9-18 tonne fully electric forklift truck to the market

Kalmar has launched a 9-18 tonne fully electric forklift truck to the market

Kalmar has launched a new range of 9-18 tonne electric forklift trucks which it claims is an industry first in capacity range.

Powered by emissions-free electric technology, Kalmar said the new machines will support customers in their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their operations including air emissions, noise and vibration.

“At Kalmar, we aim for zero emissions in our offering development across the board. We're proud to be the first leading manufacturer to offer a full range of electric forklift trucks with this level of lifting capacity,” said Peter Ivarsson, director, Forklift Trucks at Kalmar.

“Customers who require trucks with higher lifting capacities can now start reducing their emissions and energy costs at the same time without compromising their operational performance."

He added that the operating cost of the new range is much lower than that of comparable diesel machines, with the payback time can be as short as two years.

The forklifts have sufficient battery capacity to operate for a full eight-hour shift with lead acid batteries and are future-proofed to operate with new lithium-ion battery technology.

Operators can work in peace and comfort inside the ergonomic EGO cabin, which provides maximum visibility and features a driving seat that can be turned 180 degrees to ensure safe operation when handling heavy or bulky loads.

In addition, the cabin setup can be fine-tuned for optimal operator position, while the highly responsive hydraulic system improves precision and driving experience.

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