LNG Shipping Operator

06 Sep 2017

The job holder is the key interface between the LNG Shipping Desk, the LNG Trading Operations Desk and the vessels chartered by the Company to ship highly valuable LNG cargoes (20- 30 million USD each) between the load ports and the disports.

He/she will act at all times in accordance with the Company HSE and business ethics policies, and in accordance with its Code of Conduct, and will undergo Emergency Response training in order to be able to assist during site or other emergencies.
The job comprises of:

  • Operational and administrative follow up of the chartered vessels.
  • Interactions with a great variety of worldwide interlocutors, both internal and external, in an international/multicultural surrounding
  • Legal/Contractual responsibilities (executing the charter-parties negotiated by the LNG chartering desk)
  • Implement the terms and conditions of charter party’s that have been negotiated by the LNG Chartering Desk
  • Send all voyages instructions to the chartered vessels.
  • Clear the vessels for each voyage with Total Vetting Department
  • Liaise with LNG operations if any delay or change in the voyage (from Vessel or from Buyer).
  • Appoint the Shipping Agents in each port of the voyage.
  • Input the datas received from Vessels in database for performances monitoring (speed, Boil Off, bunkers, etc).
  • Identify if any demurrage claim at loadport or disport for Time Chartered vessels.
  • Inform  LNG Shipping Manager about all incidents occurring on board vessels in order to identify if it could result in an off hire situation or affect the delivery on a cargo on time
  • Liaise with Back office for Bunkers invoices, port Charges invoices and ensure the follow up until payment by Finance.
  • Prepare monthly reports for planning / budget purpose on all anticipated expenditures related to vessels for provisioning purpose and on already settled expenditures for vessels’ budgets monitoring purpose.
  • Organise the filing of all shipping related invoices received.

Candidate profile

  • Experienced shipping operator  (2 years minimum) or alternatively ex-seafarer preferably having sailed on LNG or LPG carrier or Tanker as junior deck officer for at least two years.
  • Hard working and capable to work and react under pressure
  • Rigorous, reactive, team spirit, showing initiative, commercially minded, organised
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LNG Shipping Operator