Port Tour


Kindly hosted by Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore, the 2018 GreenPort Congress finished with detailed tours of the Port of Baltimore, on Friday 18th May, The last day of the conference.

Delegates enjoyed a choice of port tour this year at GreenPort Baltimore.

Landside Port Tour (DMT & SMT)

Maximum number of Delegates: 45

Length of Tour: 3 hours

Delegates enjoyed a motorized tour of both the Dundalk Marine Terminal and the Seagirt Marine Terminal.  The tour will highlight DMT’s position as the top U.S. RO/RO port and showcase SMT’s state-of-the-art super post-panamax cranes.

Waterside Port Tour

Maximum number of Delegates: 27

Length of Tour: 3 hours

Delegates toured the Baltimore Inner Harbor and the port facilities from the waterside aboard the MDOT MPA’s touring boat, Mary Lynn

Trash-Eaters in the Harbor! From Maryland & the Netherlands

Maximum Number of Delegates: 35

Length of Tour: 2 hours

Delegates heard presentations and demo of innovative trash-eating technologies that clean the debris out of our waterways, including Mr. Trash Wheel and other technologies from Maryland and from Rotterdam (Baltimore’s sister city in the Netherlands.) Learning about the engineering behind these innovations. This event took place at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, by the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel (the GreenPort Congress’s hotel).

Poplar Island

Maximum number of Delegates: 20

Length of Tour:  6.5 hours

Delegates travelled from Baltimore down to the Chesapeake Bay where they will enjoyed a boat ride to tour Poplar Island which has become a national model of environmental restoration. Through various natural processes, Poplar Island was reduced in size from approximately 1,100 acres, as recorded in 1847, to just 5 acres in 1993. Since 2001, Poplar Island has received clean dredge material to help expand the island to an ultimate size of 1,715 acres.

For more information on participating in the GreenPort Congress 2018, please contact

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For Europe and the rest of the World- Events team on +44 1329 825335 or email congress@greenport.com.