The Conference

GreenPort Congress was hosted by the Port of Baltimore concentrated on GreenPorts are Smart Ports

Lastyear we will explored the challenges and opportunities for Cruise Port, new innovations technologies as well at the environmental and social impacts.

Dealing with the integration of new and aspirational technologies,the challenges of Intermodal connections and productivity.  Improving the balance on green infrastructure, air quality and logistical issues and operational efficiencies. Key areas of discussion will be the involvement and community engagement looking at how to make it work and look at best practice.  Land redevelopment and managing dredge materials and the what might future commercial vessels look like?

The conference held at the Baltimore Convention Center and offers unprecedented opportunities for networking and for the exchange of information and ideas.

* Port Authorities will have the opportunity to engage and interact with stakeholders and understand their priorities and expectations in an ever-changing market.

* Terminal Operators will be able to have a better understanding of the effects of climate change on ports and how to reduce their Carbon Footprint as well as coping with the changing markets and demands.

* Logistics providers and shippers will be able to learn about the interaction between port and city, how to make and manage change, and contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the Port

*Shipowners will get an insider’s view on the everyday issues green ports tackle to ensure sustainability is addressed, and to hear about incentives for green port users and future projects creating a sustainable climate for port communities.

MDOT hosted a Welcome Reception and the Gala Dinner.  The conference with ended with a Port Tour also hosted by the Port of Baltimore on the last day.

In 2016 we had more than 200 port professionals representing 30 countries and 98 ports, terminal operators, shipping lines, shippers and logistics companies attended the GreenPort Congress.


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