First LNG shipped from Russian plant

The first shipment of LNG has left a new majority Novatek-owned LNG port and plant in Russia.

Port of Helsinki

The Port of Helsinki is balancing out nominal rises in port charges with a new green incentive for 2018.

STM project

A new Sea Traffic Management (STM) project will help improve safety and efficiency in the ports of Rauma and Gävle.

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GreenPort provides business information on environmental best practice and corporate responsibilities for marine ports and terminals. Senior port executives from port authorities to terminal operators reply on our coverage with balances environmental challenges with economic demands.

“Thanks go to Greenport for organizing a most interesting event: Greenport 2017 in Amsterdam. Carbon footprint reduction and going zero emissions needs a global cooperation of port authorities, terminal operators and material handling industry. All were present at the conference leading to good opportunities for all involved parties.”

From Willem Nieuwland, Project Manager at Hyster

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